Efficacy of pedicled anterolateral thigh flap for reconstruction of regional defects – a record analysis

K. N. Manjunath, P. V. Waiker, S. Shanthakumar, M. Kumaraswamy
Department of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, Ramaiah Medical College, Bangalore, India

Background: The anterolateral thigh (ALT) flap was described as the fasciocutaneous flap. It can be harvested as a pedicled and/or free flap. Majority of the free flaps are harvested as a fasciocutaneous flap. Their use in head and neck reconstruction and limb trauma is well established. Apart from these advantages, this flap has various applications which are less utilized. ALT flap can be used as a myocutaneous flap along with vastus lateralis muscle. When muscle and fasciocutaneous flaps are required, both can be harvested as a chimeric flap which can cover two different regions of the wound. Moreover, harvest of the pedicled flap procedure is less time-consuming than that of a free flap. Since it has a long vascular pedicle, when used as pedicled flap, it can reach up to the gluteal region. To evaluate these less applied advantages of pedicled ALT flap, our study was undertaken. This study aimed to evaluate the efficiency of ALT flap in terms of the surface area of coverage, arc of rotation and the advantages of including vastus lateralis muscle as part of the flap. Methods: A retrospective record analysis of all pedicled ALT flap reconstruction of trochanteric, upper thigh, gluteal and flank regions from 2016 to 2018 was undertaken; 7 patients with 8 defects were included. Results: All the flaps healed successfully. There was no major necrosis of the flap and minor complications like wound gapping were found in three patients. Conclusion: The ALT-vastus lateralis flap dimensions can be very large and can be easily harvested in a very short time. Vastus lateralis muscle harvested can be used to fill the defect or can be used as chimera to cover the defect. The use of muscle over long standing infective pressure sores can sterilize the wound bed and help in preventing  recurrence. The vascularity of this flap is robust and highly reliable. Even after a maximum arc of rotation (up to 170°) all the flaps survived without any major complications.

Key words
pedicled ALT flap – reconstructive surgery – pressure sore – anterolateral thigh flap

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