Instructions for authors

Instructions for the Authors

The journal Acta chirurgiae plasticae is an international journal of plastic surgery, maxillofacial surgery, hand surgery and burns. It is published in English with Czech/ Slovak structured abstracts/summaries four times a year. There are articles dealing with problems of plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgery, maxillofacial and craniofacial surgery, hand surgery, microsurgery, burns and allied and cooperating fields of medicine. The journal accepts the following types of articles for publication: original scientific papers including experimental studies, case reports, review articles, discussions, reviews of domestic and foreign publications, news (invitations to specialized meetings, reports from congresses and meetings, letters to the editors, viewpoints etc.) and other important information from the specialty. All articles are subject to a peer review procedure, whereas bilateral anonymity is maintained. The editorial board accepts articles in English. Only articles that have not been previously published elsewhere can be accepted.

Submission of Manucript

The manuscript and the cover letter corresponding to the belowmentioned requirements may be sent in electronic form to the open journal system. You may create your account at the following link: The registration is easy (please, follow the instructions) and free of charge. The system enables submitting of a manuscript with all its enclosures (tables, graphs, figures, etc.). Following successful submission, a peer-review process will be initiated. You will be informed via the system about the course of this procedure.

Editorial Policies

Decisions concerning editing, revision, acceptance, or rejection of any manuscript are made by the Editor based on the reviews of the associate editors and
guest reviewers. Editing may include shortening the text of the article, reducing
the number of illustrations or tables, or changing the article’s format.

Ethical Approval of Studies/Informed Consent

It is required for publishing the results of clinical research that the used procedures
were in accordance to the ethical principles of Helsinki declaration from 1975 (amended in 2000) and they were approved by an appropriate ethics committee.
In case of animal studies, it is necessary to document that valid regulations
and directives for breeding and experimental use of animals were observed.
The authors must declare compliance with such conditions at the end of the article. All information about patients must respect the rules set forth by a relevant law on protection of personal data. No names of patients, their initials or hospital (treatment, reference) numbers are provided, especially in any imaging material. The clinical photographs of the patients must be adjusted so that the patient could not be identified. If such adjustments are not possible with regards to the nature of the article, it is possible to provide written informed consent of the patient (or his/her family or guardian) to publishing such photographs.

Necessary Files for Submission

  • Cover Letter
  • Title Page
  • Manuscript
  • Figure(s) (when appropriate)
  • Table(s), scheme(s), graph(s) (when appropriate)
  • Patient photographic authorization and release form (when appropriate)

Note: The above items should be prepared as separate files.

The file formats appropriate for the text and schemes include Word or WordPerfect; for tables – Word or Excel, and for figures (photographs, CT scans etc., NOT TABLES or SCHEMES, please) – tiff, eps, png, and high-resolution jpg.

Manuscript Preparation

The whole manuscript including the attachments must be made available in electronic form. The article should be written in one of commonly used text editors (best is MS Word), recommended font size is 12, Times New Roman, spacing 1.5, width of text 15 cm, no underlying, with switched off automatic functions. These rules apply to all text, footnotes, references, figure legends, and tables legends. Each manuscript page must be numbered clearly, with the numbering continuing throughout.

All references, figures, and tables must be numbered and must be cited in numerical order in the text. Citations of figures and tables show the printer where to place them in the text.

Manuscript Length/Number of Figures

To enhance quality, readability and to be more competitive with other leading scientific journals, all manuscripts must now conform to the new word-count standards for article length and limited number of figure pieces. Letters and viewpoints are limited to 500 words, 2 figure pieces and/or tables, and 5 references.

Articles not meeting the above standards will be returned to the author until the article meets the policies for their selected article type.


The manuscript may contain only the actual sources, i.e. publication referenced by the authors in the text or papers that are really important (no papers may be provided only from formal reasons). Literature may be arranged ac- cording to the occurrence in the text, not in alphabet order, it is marked with a number of appropriate reference number written as upper index and it is cited according to the AMA (American Medical Association) Citation Style.


A letter of permission is required for any and all material that has been published previously, or for which the authors do not own the copyright. It is the responsibility of the author to request permission from the publisher (or owner of the copyrighted item) for any material that is being reproduced. This requirement applies to text, illustrations, photos, and tables.

The authors are also required to obtain a written consent from any person whose photographs are submitted to the Journal for publication (if the person can be identified).

Are you a healthcare professional?

I am a professional pursuant to Act No. 2a, Rule 40/1995 Coll., describing commercial advertising regulations, as amended; I am therefore authorized to prescribe or sell or distribute medicinal products.