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Mini-invasive technique of sclerotherapy with talc in chronic seroma after abdominoplasty – a case report and literature review

R. M. Palacios Huatuco, M. F. Ramírez, H. F. Sala, H. F. Mayer

Plastic Surgery Department, Hospital Italiano de Buenos Aires, University of Buenos Aires School of Medicine, Hospital Italiano de Buenos Aires University Institute, Buenos Aires, Argentina.


The formation of a seroma after abdominoplasty is one of the most common complications faced by plastic surgeons. A 59­year­old man underwent lipoabdominoplasty and developed a large subcutaneous seroma that persisted for 7 months. Percutaneous sclerosis with talc was performed. We present the first report of chronic seroma after lipoabdominoplasty successfully treated with talc sclerosis.

Key words

talc – seromadesis – seroma – lipoabdominoplasty – abdominoplasty

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