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Combination of cable ties and barbed sutures for fasciotomy closure – two case reports

K. Bulić1,2, E. Brenner1, L. Bulić1, M. Lorencin Bulić3, H. Kisić2

1 School of Medicine, University of Zagreb, Zagreb, Croatia
2 University Hospital Centre Zagreb, Zagreb, Croatia
3 Dubava University Hospital, Zagreb, Croatia


While fasciotomy is the only urgent treatment option for compartment syndrome, the resulting open wound leaves room for complications. Closure of the wound can be done by different techniques, including split-thickness skin grafts, negative pressure therapy, an absorbable barbed suture system and a cable ties system. The aim of this paper is to demonstrate how a combined application of these methods can reduce their respective individual disadvantages. Our combined method was tried in two patients, one with an open tibial fracture and the other who underwent ulnar nerve reparation. Both patients started exhibiting signs of compartment syndrome within 3 hrs after surgery. Firstly, absorbable barbed suture systems were positioned with the running intradermal technique. Following this the cable ties were inserted and the limb in question was placed in an elevated position. Complete closure of the patient’s wounds was achieved within 2 weeks without complications. This result is a testament to the added benefit of a combination of these methods in comparison with the results they produce individually.

Key words

fasciotomy – wound closure – compartment syndrome

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